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Vice President, Simulation & Control Systems


Our Client Hiring Company people and products and the hired candidate for the VPSCS position will be involved with and will be working with the following’s skills, functions, applications, and capabilities:

Technologies, components, subsystems, systems utilized:

As you look, review and comment about the items on this list, bear in mind that you are not expected to know each and all the items on this list.

The Vice President, Control Systems (VPSCS) is a luminary and hands on leader.

The VPSCS is responsible for challenging the status quo through the development and implementation of innovative controls approaches, while providing design and product insight leadership to the robot design and product teams.

The VCSCS Vice President Simulation, Control Systems has a responsibility to: define control system requirements, along with related safety and reliability requirements; manage the development of control system architecture, algorithms and control policies, along with related support analysis and physics-based simulations; develop and implement control systems verification and validation plans, management plans as well as maintenance and support plans.

This position requires exceptional understanding of fundamental engineering principles, along with in-dept knowledge of multibody dynamics, signal processing, control of systems with complex dynamics, machine-learning, and electro-mechanical systems specific to complex industrial applications, preferably robotics and unmanned systems.


The VPSCS Vice President Simulation, Control Systems is an influential leader who through working with a team of control engineers aligns efforts with other engineering groups (Software, Systems, Mechanical, Electrical, Manufacturing, Test and Maintenance) to oversee controls intensive robots and un-manned systems through all phases of their life cycle from concept to product launch, commercialization and service.


This includes proposal support, requirements analysis/management, task planning, technical project management assistance (including reviews, reporting, and other documentation), design (in a multi-functional engineering environment), technical documentation (including generating statements of work and specifications), control policies development and implementation oversight, test support, maintenance support, risk management, and in-house technical support during the operational life-cycle of the system.

The VPSCS Vice President Simulation, Control Systems mentors and develops control engineers and provides leadership through data driven design decisions. The CS Vice President must implement and sustain engineering best practices and develop a strong team.


 Good business acumen is required.

As you look, review and comment about the items on this list, bear in mind that you are not expected to know each and all the items on this list.

State of art robotics                                                                   

ambulatory robots that also do dexterous tasks in unstructured environments

Will be dealing with new challenges and problems that have not yet been encountered in many situations, components, subsystems, systems, communication, controls, equipment, machines and more.

Specially: will be dealing with new challenges and problems that have not yet been encountered with controls

Will be developing new control approaches                         Artificial intelligence

Machine learning                                                                         Human machine interaction/interface

Remote controlled robots                                                         Teleoperated robots                                    

ADAS                                                                                               Autonomous robots, equipment and machines

Actuators: control issues at all levels, from actuators  Humanoid Robots

Hepatic feedback systems                                                         Haptic - force reflecting, teleoperated

Deep Neural Networks                                                       Static motor controls

Servo Motors                                                                                Servo Motor controllers

Solenoids                                                                                        AC DC converters

Actuators: control issues at all levels, from actuators 

Controls of joints both single and connected, integrated, coupled together

Wrist, hands, elbow, ankle, shoulders, knees, neck, arms, legs, head movements                                                            

*collaborative robots* deal with series of actuated joints

Control sensing networks and systems


Nice If: You have some experience with Holonomic technologies.



  • Mentor, coach, and develop the controls engineering teams and be accountable for their growth and success
  • Lead the development, implementation and evaluation of new control intensive technologies and products that are at the core of Our Client Hiring Company’ business meeting requirements in accordance with agreed schedules and budgets that align with the company’s business plan
  • Directly responsible for the development and execution of new controls policies for high performance robots such as Our Client Hiring Company Robots, force reflecting teleoperated robots, and other controls intensive platforms
  • Oversee the development and execution of test plans and test procedures, as well as the analysis and synthesis of data generated in the related tests and experiments
  • Ensure that our products implement fail-safe control strategies that meet customers and industry requirements for safe products
  • Responsible together with the EVP of Technology to ensure alignment and integration between system control related products, and all other critical systems and subsystems, including but not limited to control and sensing networks, actuators and structures, operator-machine interfaces, communication assets, and power systems
  • Manage staffing and workload issues, including managing direct, indirect and overtime hours as they relate to workload, budget and timing
  • Lead the development and maintenance of control systems, analysis and simulation documentation, including documentations of low level (joint level control policies) and system control policies, safety related control processes, system identification methods, physics-based simulations including multi-body dynamics simulations, interactions between robots and human operators, and other controls and simulations related documentation
  • Lead and manages the control systems, equipment and test facility specification and maintenance, proper operation, troubleshooting and repair to achieve or exceed reliability targets
  • Lead and coordinate control systems engineering reviews – providing direction, guidance and feedback
  • Brainstorm control policies design, recommend design solutions, manage and/or complete their detailed design, implementation and testing
  • Provide technical support, as needed, for the creation of new IP and trade secrets
  • Analyzes and plans work force utilization, space requirements, work flow and design layout of control related test equipment and workspace for maximum efficiency and safety
  • Maintain a positive team dynamic and culture
  • Support team level objectives as well as individual contributions
  • Stay on top of technology advances in the field of robotics control and related subsystems



Here are the key elements of the search:

  • Robotics experience preferred (also industry preferred)
  • Experience and knowledge in electro-mechanical development
  • Controlled joint udert orc control with transmission with a lot of non-linear
  • Familiar and experience with multi input/output device controls
  • All joints are coupled with everything else in the robot. We need someone who can come up with recommendations and methods to deal with the problems of complex robots
  • Prefer Haptic device experience
  • Ideal candidate will have experience with computed force control and non-linear force control
  • Experience in physics-based simulation and multi-body dynamics
  • Extensive product development experience, accountable for meeting goals and deadlines


These below were on the first version of our JO position description:

  • Ability to multitask and prioritize.
  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills.
  • Persuasive oral/written communication abilities.
  • Flexible and adaptable (willing to work on other technical problems as needed).
  • Insatiable curiosity for science, technology and understanding of how things work.
  • Ability to problem solve and support continuous improvement activities.



  • Sc. or Ph.D. in Engineering and/or Physics with demonstrated applied, analytical and product experience, with emphasis on systems having complex dynamics and used in safety critical applications.
  • Ten (10) plus years’ experience, working on the development of state-of-the-art control systems in the automotive, aerospace and/or robotics industries, with practical experience with mixed digital-analog control and sensing networks, complex mechanisms, electro-mechanical and electro-hydraulic actuators (incl., transmission, linkages, electromagnetic motor driven actuators, servo-hydraulic valves, and related devices)
  • Five (5) plus years’ experience managing a team of controls engineers in robotics, automotive and/or aerospace industries
  • Hands-on experience and solid understanding of linear and non-linear control systems, robot’s kinematics, multi-body system dynamics, operator-machine interactions and/or force-reflecting teleoperation, optimal and adaptive control and filtering methods, actuation and sensing technologies relevant to robotics, machine learning, as well as model based and model free learning control methods
  • Ability to lead and direct teams with complex technical development projects, build relationships, lead cross-functional teams, and build consensus among development team members.
  • Experience working with cross-disciplinary engineering teams.
  • Highly motivated, team player with a strong track record of technical leadership and technical collaboration
  • Strong analytical and interpersonal skills
  • Excellent references and recommendations
  • Open to comments, advice – team player
  • Flexible and adaptable (willing to work on other technical problems as needed)
  • Insatiable curiosity for science, technology and understanding of how things work
  • Excellent written, verbal and presentation and communication skills


Work Environment and Physical Demands:

  • Work is performed Monday through Friday with occasional overtime and weekend requirements.
  • Safety awareness is absolutely essential at all times while in the work area.
  • Must be able to stand and sit for extended times.




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