Associate Attorney

Houston, TX at GMS Talent LP

Position: Attorney

Reports To: Owner



General Duties and Responsibilities:


  1. Live and work in the Houston, TX area
  2. Hold a valid license to practice law in Texas
  3. Have and grow a robust network of clients and potential clients
  4. Be comfortable and professional in the Municipal Law arena
  5. Be competent as a litigator
  6. Understand, support and advocate Randle Law Office procedures
  7. Develop and add New Business consistently
  8. Write and publish on a regular basis (multiple times annually)
  9. Remember we are paid to get it right the first time
  10. Maintain a professional image at all times


Mission Critical Outcomes


  • Finish work on-time
  • Bill at least 1400 hours annually
  • Collect at least 75% of billable hours


Break Through Outcomes


  • Bill 1600 hours annually    
  • Collect at least 100 % of billable hours.

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